• Willis Lewis, M.Ed.

Think Positive at the End of the Year

Teachers, as the school year and semester is coming to a close, please reflect on the positive areas of teaching that occurred in your classroom.

We can always find the negatives that occurred during the day, week, month and even the school year. One thought is the student or students that refused to follow directions and instructions. Or the student that wants to have the last word in the conversation or discussion. Please realize that those students learned something and you learned something about yourself.

Think about the positive things that occurred in your classroom. Students learned some new material during the year. As always you made the work a challenge to each student, and they learned something that promoted them to the next grade level.

Teaching in a school or classroom is one area of the workforce where individuals are overlooked and pay is short. Here is the 'however' to this situation: enjoy your day because it cannot be retrieved when it is over.

You are a quality individual and valued by the system and parents. You have compassion for each and every student that you may encounter. That is to say that every student that you encounter on the playground, during recess, in the lunch room, early in the morning and of course in the classroom is someone you have a great effect on.

So reflect on this school year and consider this thought: how can I the teacher improve on my classroom management skills, teaching every subject, and time management.

In the coming school year, spend time on a daily basis to reflect on improving yourself and your teaching.