• Willis Lewis, M.Ed.

Teacher, You Are a Professional

Consider this thought:

I have a concern regarding teachers and the end of the school year. Usually teachers are tired. Students are very tired, and the parents are not ready for their child to come home for the summer.

Teachers are always concerned about the students in the areas of safety and retaining information that was taught to them. Teachers are concerned and want to know if students are going to remember important information over the summer.

This is the thought: are you taking care of yourself during the time away from your teaching obligations? Teaching is a very stressful job, but it is one that you enjoy. You enjoy teaching and making a difference in the lives of students. You may not enjoy the negative behaviors!

Are you as a teacher providing yourself the opportunity to recharge your battery for teaching? Learning new material for teaching can be taxing yet enjoyable. You are a lifelong learner and want to learn more and more.

You are a professional teacher that deserves a higher pay. Take care of yourself over the summer months, spend time with family and friends, purchase some new clothes that are new to you. Pamper yourself by doing a fun activity that does not require stress. But if you need to get a job for the summer, enjoy the job. Try smiling at the people you see, and have a hearty laugh that makes the belly stay healthy.