Why Choose ISI?

Students and Family Support

We are a liaison between families and the school system. We provide support for students and parents through educational consulting, including support for parents who have children in the Special Education program. Along with conferencing with families about the IEP Process, we review IEP and Behavior Contracts as well as attending IEP and CST meetings.

Not only do we support students through Motivational Talks about Growth Mindset and How to be Successful but we also provide tutoring for students in the areas of Reading, Math, and Writing.

Educator and Business Support

We provide support for teachers through Motivational Talks and Professional Development. Some of the topics include “Beginning the School Year with Success”, “Teacher Preservation”, “Classroom Management Strategies”, “Relationship Building” etc. Our focus is to “Educate the Masses” so we have expanded our presentations to include the business sector with Motivational Talks with topics that include “Team Building within the Workplace” and “Building Work Relationships”

Meet the team

Willis Lewis, M.Ed. and CEO

Mr. Lewis has a B.S. in Recreation and Parks Administration with Specializations in Exceptional Children (Special Education), a B.A. in education (Special Education Leadership K-12) and an M.A. in Education Leadership. Mr. Lewis retired from the United States Military (Army Reserves) and the active Army after a total of 33 years. He retired as a Sergeant Major.

Mr. Lewis started in the educational field as a teacher’s aide in Iowa working in a special education school for students with physical disabilities. Mr. Lewis spent 22 years in the Alhambra School District as a Special Education Teacher. The first 8 years he taught in a Self Contained Emotional Disability Classroom. He then switched to serving as a Special Education Resource Teacher for 14 years. During his tenure in the Alhambra School District, he was honored as Teacher of The Year and received the Gold Bell Award for a special program (BRMr. LewisDGES).


After all this time as an educator, his goal is to positively impact the life of every child by affecting positive change in teachers that educate them. He has learned the best way of accomplishing this is to share his lifelong experiences with others. Over the years, Mr. Lewis has learned to relax, enjoy work, laugh often, and to enjoy his wife, children and grandchildren.


Why I became a teacher

Mr. Lewis began his career in education because he felt that he could make a difference in the life of a child. Although he still believes that, he has learned to take care of himself to eliminate the risk of teacher burnout. He believes that teaching is both the best and the hardest job but is worth the time and challenge. While teachers may not receive monetary rewards, their rewards come in the form of smiles and hugs and the differences they see in the students at the end of the year.

Aleta Elmore, M.Ed.

Ms. Elmore has a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Educational Leadership. She began in the educational field right after high school by working in an after school program as an assistant. It was there that her love for children began to grow, and she completed her B.A. degree in Elementary Education. After teaching for seven years, she earned an M.A. in educational leadership and a data specialist led her to be an assistant director at a charter school.

It is because of her educational journey that Ms. Elmore believes in being a lifelong learner. This has driven her to complete her degrees and become who she is today. For this reason she believes that every child should be given the opportunity and privilege that she was given as a child.


Ms. Elmore believes every child has the right to pursue their educational lifelong dream without inhibitions. As an educator, Ms. Elmore believes she is here to facilitate childhood educational dreams by giving them the tools they need to be successful and removing the obstacles that may be prohibiting their growth.

Why I became a teacher


Ms. Elmore says, "The greatest feeling that I experience everyday is helping students prepare for the future and watching the smiles on their faces when they learn something new.”

Nicole Lewis, M.Ed.

Ms. Lewis has over 25 years of experience in the field of education within various elementary schools and collegiate settings. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Lewis is presently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on veteran and novice teacher organizational commitment to an educational institution.


Ms. Lewis is a District Instructional Coach in a local school district where she provides support to new teachers through professional development and observations. Before becoming a District Instructional Coach, she was Clinical Assistant Professor at Arizona State University where she supervised the development of student teachers. Ms. Lewis instructed student teachers in designing instructional lessons with goals, student learning outcome, and assessments that align to the Common Core Standards. In addition to providing instruction for students at Arizona State University, she also developed and provided professional development for supervising teachers.


Ms. Lewis has been a presenter at the National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference (NABSE). She also had the opportunity to present at an Illuminate Education Conference in San Diego, California. She received the Award of Excellence by the Arizona School Public Relations Association (AZSPRA). Ms. Lewis was a finalist of the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Education Award for Baltimore County School District. She was also a Rodel Aspiring Principal for The Rodel Foundation of Arizona.


Why I became a teacher

Ms. Lewis has a passion for education that continues to grow. It is her vision to facilitate the development of educators and students in order to produce people that have a love for learning.  

Sylvester Roebuck, M.Ed.

Mr. Roebuck believes learning mathematics is a unique endeavor that every human being has the capacity to reach. He earned his Master's Degree in Math after four years in the United States Air Force.


He began his teaching career as a high school math teacher and continued as a math professor in the City Colleges of Chicago, where he has taught for the last 35 years.


While teaching in the college arena, Mr. Roebuck has inspired and supported other professors as they begin to integrate technology into their math instruction.


Why I became a teacher

Mr. Roebuck lives by the motto, "It is incontestable that teaching is lifelong."